February 01, 2013

Drake - Started From The Bottom

Tonight Drake released a new track via his blog (Glad to see I'm not the last person using Blogger) and here it is. He also attached a long ass message, but fuck all that reading shit, we niggas! On to the music!

The first time I heard it I couldn't figure out if it was going to be incredibly catchy or incredibly annoying, but after randomly singing "started from the bottom now we here" for the past hour, I think I have my answer. The Mike Zombie beat is hard as fuck, the lyrics are dope, the hook is catchy, and the flow is...well, the flow is Juvenile's, but I'll give him a pass because it's jammin' (yes, that's right, make good music and you get a pass).

Can't wait to hear how the folks who hate Drake for no real reason pick this one apart. I'm excited.