July 27, 2012

Chris Rock Produces A DeshawnRaw Sketch Show Pilot For Comedy Central

Clearly Chris Rock and DeshawnRaw's relationship has stemmed a little bit further than just a feature in a Rap Battle video, as Rock is set to produce a new sketch comedy show starring Deshawn and his crew. The show will be called D-Raw (they could've done better), and the pilot episode will be directed by Deshawn's partner and current cameraman, JP Minot.

I know a big deal hasn't been made about this, but this is absolutely huge for the YouTube community. I really hope Comedy Central picks up the show and it does well because that would be 2 for 2 for YouTubers on the network (the guys from Workaholics were discovered on YouTube), which opens up even more doors.

So Comedy Central, please pick up D-Raw! I mean, it couldn't be any worse than Key & Peele, and y'all gave them a 2nd season. Think about it.