July 12, 2012

Random News Shit: NBA Free Agency Today Edition

1) Magic, Nets End Trade Talks
The Nets just saved the Magic from themselves because they were about to make a HUGE mistake sending Dwight Howard to New Jersey for Brook Lopez, a few late first round picks, and some scraps. The Magic need to just go ahead and trade the man to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum, which is the only trade that ever made any sense in the first place.

Just in case Blake Griffin needed some extra motivation to Vince Carter someone in the London Olympics, the Clips just gave him 95 million worth.

I admit, this is probably not the smarter basketball move, but business-wise, it makes perfect sense.

3) Nets Re-sign Brook Lopez To Max Contract
I know a lot of people are killing the Nets for giving Brook Lopez this deal, but to be fair to them, anytime you can give a 7-footer who averages 3.6 rebounds per game a $60 million contract, you've got to do it.

I don't know if his knees have 3 years left in them, but it only makes sense he's going to end his career in San Antonio.

5) Mavs Reach Deal With Chris Kaman
It's a one-year deal worth $8 million and it pairs Dirk Nowitzki up with his German national team teammate. A tad pricey, but smart move.

6) Pacers Trade Darren Collison To Mavs
Wait, the Pacers just traded their starting point guard and Dahntay Jones to the Mavericks for the right to pay Ian Mahinmi $16 million to back up Roy Hibbert? I love the post-Larry Bird Pacers, they're ensuring the Heat (and the rest of the East for that matter) don't have to worry about them next year in the playoffs. Awesome!

On another note, I see Mark Cuban has taken heed to my comments and got to work putting his new team together. In addition to stealing Collison from the Pacers, they also amnestied Brendan Haywood and are front-runners to sign Elton Brand. That was quick.

7) Lou Williams Signs With Hawks
If you thought he was trying hard to be a rapper in Philly, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Just when Jarrett Jack thought he was gonna make a return appearance to the playoffs, this happens. Bad times.