September 08, 2012

NFL Winners & Losers: Week 1

Finally! The NFL has come back... home. And with that being said, here's a special edition of the Hot Pod Podcast!

1) Cowboys (0-0) @ Giants (0-0)
248 days. Each and every player and fan has been waiting on this day for 248 days. 248 days ago the Dallas Cowboys loss to the New York Giants and were sent home playoff-less again, but today we're coming to avenge our loss (and we actually showed "The Avengers" on the flight to New York). 248 days.

Now here are some interesting stats for both teams:

Since the NFL started making the Super Bowl champs play in the Thursday night season opener in 2004, the defending champs are 8-0.

The Cowboys are 5-0 when opening up the season against the Giants.

DeMarco Murray got 20 or more carries 5 times last season, and the Cowboys won all 5 games.

Speaking of Don Juan DeMarco, you know something I completely forgot? He got hurt in the first quarter of the first Giants game last year and was done for the season. No one ever brings that up, but he was the catalyst to much of our success last season and who knows what would've happened had he stayed healthy? Oh well, he's healthy now and this game isn't on a Thursday. Cowboys winners, Giants losers.

After a full year away Peyton Manning is back in the NFL (I know, no shit). Though I think the Curse of Tebow is real, and the Steelers have a taste as bitter as the Cowboys had about the way their season ended, I'm still taking Denver here. I'm sure I will regret it, but Peyton has always been that nigga in these Sunday night games, so I'm gonna ride that until he and his surgically repair neck show me different. Broncos winners, Steelers losers.

I could be crazy, but I think the 49ers are gonna come back to Earth after a fantasy season last year. As far as this game goes though, there's no way they can score enough points to win this game. Packers winners, 49ers losers.

Don't sleep on the Colts, they won't be as awful as a lot of people seem to think they will be. They're still probably gonna lose this game, but they should be pretty decent this season. Bears winners, Colts losers.

What a tough way to start your career if you're Robert Griffin III, not only do you have to face off with Drew Brees, but you have to do it in the Superdome. Saints winners, Redskins losers.

I already thought the Bengals were gonna regress a bit, but the injuries to their offensive line makes me that much more positive they will. Ravens winners, Bengals losers.

Other than Steelers-Broncos, this was the toughest game for me to pick. I (and everyone else) think the Bills are gonna be good this year, but are we positive the Jets suck? Yeah, they only scored one touchdown in the preseason, but they still ended with the same record as Buffalo and Miami (0-4). They very well could've been playing possum, but fuck it, I'm riding with what I assume is the better team. Bills winners, Jets losers.

I definitely like the Falcons this year, but the Chiefs are getting a shitload of players back and playing in Arrowhead. Chiefs winners, Falcons losers.

The last time these 2 teams face off the Pats won 59-0. Patriots winners, Titans losers.

It's time for Cilla Cam to win some games. Panthers winners, Bucs losers.

Don't the Chargers lose the first game ofr the season every year? Maybe it just seems like it then? Either way, I don't trust them, but I definitely don't trust Carson Palmer. Chargers winners, Raiders losers.

I don't see why the Lions shouldn't win this game. The Rams couldn't cover the Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten-less Cowboys in the 3rd preseason game and now they're going to slow down Calvin Johnson? I think now. Lions winners, Rams losers.

Be serious. Texans winners, Dolphins losers.

The Eagles will go as far as Mike Vick's frail body will take them and he's definitely taking them past the Browns. Eagles winners, Browns losers.

Seattle has 2 quarterbacks and 2 running backs better than Arizona's starters. Seahawks winners, Cardinals losers.

I have no idea who is gonna win this game, I'm too busy being depressed there will be no MJD/AP face off. Whatever. Jaguars winners, Vikings losers.

This Week: 9-7 (.563)
Last Week: 0-0 (.000)
Season: 9-7 (.563)