August 08, 2012

Kevin Hart Hosting The VMAs

While this is obviously excellent news, I have to ask why it didn't happen sooner? There was no host last year and Kevin Hart kept coming out and doing things, so why not just have had him hosting last year too? Oh well, I'm still happy for the new King of Comedy.

I'm also happy for my Dallas Cowboys because MTV clearly moved the VMAs up to a Thursday to distract me from the Cowboys-Giants season opener. What they hadn't anticipated was the NFL deciding to bump the game up to Wednesday so it wouldn't conflict with the Democratic National Convention.

Ha! In your face, MTV!

I don't care what anybody says, one of the higher-ups at MTV hates the Cowboys and is doing this shit on purpose. If the NFL hadn't bumped the game up a day, it would've been the 3rd time since 2007 the VMAs coincided with the Dallas Cowboys season opener. Coincidence? I think not.

(Side note: I wonder how much the Romney campaign had to pay MTV to randomly move the VMAs to Thursday for the first time sine 2006 to distract from the DNC?)