November 25, 2012

Gangnam Style Passes Bieber's Baby As Most Watched YouTube Video

My brother and I had been monitoring this for the past few weeks and it finally happened, Psy's Gangnam Style is now the most watched video in YouTube history. Gangnam Style passed Justin Bieber's Baby some time Saturday, and is well on it's way to becoming the first billion-view video in YouTube history. In fact, Psy's smash hit it moving at such an outrage pace that it's possible it could hit that billion-view mark before the year is up.

Remarkable, especially considering that it's only existed for the past 4 months. To put that into prospective, the NBA's YouTube channel has been around since November 2005 and currently has just under 980,000,000 views total. YouTube's most subscribed to user, Ray William Johnson, has been on YouTube since May 2008 and has 6.2 million subscriber, he "just" reached his 2 billionth view last month. Pys is the new king of YouTube.