November 11, 2012

NFL Winners & Losers: Week 10

The latest Hot Pod podcast is below, but the quality got fucked up some up when it was uploaded, so if you want to hear it more clearly, you can download it from this link. Enjoy.

1) Texans (7-1) @ Bears (7-1)
This game should be a great game between 2 pretty evenly watched teams, and I like Houston to redeem themselves on national TV after that debacle against Green Bay in Week 6. Texans winners, Bears losers.

2) Falcons (8-0) @ Saints (3-5)
I'm always weary of game where everyone picks the underdog to win and I've heard too many people picking the Saints. Falcons winners, Saints losers.

3) Broncos (5-3) @ Panthers (2-6)
Don't ask me why, but this is my upset special for the week. I don't know. Panthers winners, Broncos losers.

4) Jets (3-5) @ Seahawks (5-4)
Antonio Cromartie said the Jets are gonna make the playoffs this year. I'm assuming he thinks they're going to bounce back from 3-6 and run the table because they are not beating Seattle in Seattle. Seahawks winners, Jets losers.

5) Bills (3-5) @ Patriots (5-3)
I really don't know what to say about this game besides that I definitely have New England winning it. Patriots winners, Bills losers.

6) Giants (6-3) @ Bengals (3-5)
Wasn't Cincinnati just over .500? Now they have the same shitty record as my Cowboys. Damn. Oh well, I expect that to get worse when the ol' fuck ass G-Men come to town. Giants winners, Bengals losers.

7) Lions (4-4) @ Vikings (5-4)
This divisional battle is simple: Detroit is trending up and Minnesota is trending down. Lions winners, Vikings losers.

8) Raiders (3-5) @ Ravens (6-2)
Man, what happened to the Raiders last week? They had only allowed 2 other running backs to rush for over 50 yards this whole season, then BOOM! Doug Martin explodes for 251. Of course Oakland got a few lucky breaks by not having to face Maurice Jones-Drew, Jamal Charles, Rashard Mendenhall, and Ryan Matthews (whether because they were hampered injury or coaching ineptitude), but still! Whatever, if the Ravens are smart, they rush Ray Rice 25-30 times and cruise to victory. Ravens winners, Raiders losers.

9) Chargers (4-4) @ Buccaneers (4-4)
News flash! Doug Martin hates his nickname "Muscle Hamster." Hmmm, I wonder why that is? Oh yeah, BECAUSE ITS A SHITTY NICKNAME! What the fuck does that even mean? If I was Martin, I'd react to people who called me Muscle Hammer the same way black people used to react when white people called them a nigga. Buccaneers winners, Chargers losers.

10) Rams (3-5) @ 49ers (6-2)
The Rams should be getting Danny Amendola back this week, so all won't be loss. 49ers winners, Rams losers.

11) Cowboys (3-5) @ Eagles (3-5)
On Monday, the awful Saints defense absolutely shredded the Eagles' offensive line, but you watch the Cowboys not get a hand on Michael Vick in this game. I still like the Cowboys to win, but it will only be because Philly will make one more stupid mistake than Dallas. I think. Cowboys winners, Eagles losers.

12) Titans (3-6) @ Dolphins (4-4)
The Dolphins have been fairly good against the run this season, so I'm not expecting much from Zombie Chris Johnson here. Dolphins winners, Titans losers.

13) Colts (5-3) @ Jaguars (1-7)
"Colts shave heads to support Pagano." That headline is all the information I need to pick this game. Colts winners, Jaguars losers.

14) Chiefs (1-7) @ Steelers (5-3)
Anybody got the Chiefs here? Thought not. Steelers winners, Chiefs losers.

This Week: 8-5-1 (.607)
Last Week: 12-2 (.857)
Season: 91-54-1 (.628)*

*Due to the Inaccurate Reception, these win/lose totals are fucked for the season.