April 27, 2012

2012 NBA Playoff Predictions: Round 1


Thoughts: I don't know what's going on with Derrick Rose and his assortment of injuries, but the Bulls shouldn't need him to knock out the Sixers.

X-Factor: Evan Turner. He said he liked this match-up the other day, and if he plays like it, the Sixers just might be able to pull off the upset (if Derrick Rose dies).

Prediction: Bulls win in 5.

Thoughts: From the first day I uttered that I didn't want to play the Knicks in the first round, I should've known this match-up was coming. My bad luck is real.

Look, there's no excuse for the Heat to not win this series, but this match-up is the worse case scenario for any of the higher seeds.

X-Factor: Amare Stoudemire's braids. Hopefully Charlamagne Tha God is right when he says people with cornrows don't prosper. (No seriously, my x-factor is Chris Bosh. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade will be fine, but I don't know about Bosh and his sore hammy. Thank goodness we might not have to see Tyson Chandler in Game 1 (who are we kidding, there's zero chance he doesn't play tomorrow), but we need Bosh to play big to win.)

Prediction: Heat win in 6.

Thoughts: The Magic don't stand a chance.

X-Factor: The Pacers' focus. There's no reason the Pacers shouldn't sweep the Dwight-less Magic. The only way the Magic can even win one game is if the Pacers happen to overlook them and lose focus after going up 2-0 headed to Orlando.

Prediction: Pacers win in 5.

Thoughts: I'm still totally confused about the seeding in this series. The Hawks had a better records, but the Celtics are the higher seed, but the Hawks have home court advantage. I'm confused.

X-Factor: Avery Bradley. If Bradley can lock down Joe Johnson, the Hawks don't stand a chance.

Prediction: Celtics win in 6.


Thoughts: There will be no first round exit for the Spurs this year. I totally expect the Spurs to send a message to the rest of the West by destroying the Jazz.

X-Factor: The Jazz's big men. If the Jazz can stop themselves from being dominated down low, they could win one or more. Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap need to pull off their best Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph impressions if they Jazz don't want to get embarrassed.

Prediction: Spurs win in 4.

Thoughts: Western Conference Finals last year, first round match-up this year, how crazy is that?

X-Factor: Vince Carter. Vince is gonna have to play like old Vince if the Mavs even want to steal one game.

Prediction: Thunder win in 5

Thoughts: The young Nuggets are good, but the Lakers are better. As long as Kobe is healthy, I don't see how the Lakers lose. It's not like they're gonna miss Metta World Peace's 7.7 points a game on 39% shooting.

X-Factor: Kenneth Faried. If he dominates Pau Gasol, who knows.

Prediction: Lakers win in 6.

(5) Los Angeles Clippers @ (4) Memphis Grizzlies
Thoughts: At the end of the day, the Grizzlies are too tough on defense for the Clippers, who rely far too much on Chris Paul late in games.

X-Factor: Chris Paul's groin. He says he's going to play, but if he's not actually healthy, this series could be over quick.

Prediction: Grizzlies win in 6.