April 17, 2012

The NFL Releases The 2012 Schedule

My first thought when looking at the 2012 NFL schedule is HOW IN THE FUCK DID THE PATRIOTS GET THE EASIEST SCHEDULE?! It's like the league is rewarding them for choking in the Super Bowl. It's hard to not think that, especially considering the fact that the Giants just so happened to end up with the hardest schedule. That's crazy.

You know something else that's crazy? The 15-1 Packers have the 2nd easiest schedule! I know these schedules are put together by a pretty simple formula, but it just seems odd that the best team in the league last year ended up with one of the easiest schedule this year. This totally opens the door for 2 teams going 16-0 next season.

Another thing I noticed was that the Curse of Tebow has already started to kick in because the Broncos have a totally brutal schedule. Six of their first 8 games are against playoff teams last season (Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Houston, New England, New Orleans and Cincinnati)! John Elway and 'nem are about to pay for what they did to Tim Tebow in a major way.

Lastly, I was going to bitch about the Cowboys' schedule, but after further review, I'm fine with it. Yeah, it sucks that 6 of our first 9 games are on the road (including 3 separate sets of back-to-back road games), but that also means 5 of our last 7 games will be at home. We're going to need that shit too because that December stretch of Philly, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Washington is just cruel. It also sucks that we have an early bye for the 4th straight year, but fuck it.