April 16, 2012

2Pac Rises & Performs At Coachella!

Last week Kendrick Lamar spoke with the L.A. Leakers about how amazing Dr. Dre's performance at Coachella was going to be, and after seeing this clip, I feel confident saying he wasn't lying. This 2Pac hologram shit was abso-fucking-lutely incredible! There's no amount of words to express how much cooler Hologram Pac is than Hologram will.i.am. I can't give it up enough to Dre and Snoop for putting this together. This is definitely going down in Hip-Hop history as one of the greatest moments ever.

The only thing that sucks about this (well, besides the renewal of retarded "2Pac is alive and/or coming back" theories) is the fact that even Pac came back before Detox was out.

(Side note: I think it's about time we start trying to shame Dr. Dre into releasing Detox. Maybe we should have the definition of the word "detox" changed to "myth" or start a "Fuck Detox" campaign. Something to get his damn attention.)