April 24, 2012

Metta World Peace Suspended 7 Games For Elbow

I had a lot of options when it came to choosing a picture for this post, but I couldn't resist a botched high five/fist bump.

Anyway, yep, your boy David Stern finally made a decision, and it was to suspend Metta World War Peace 7 games for giving James Harden the People's Elbow. I'm sure his 7.7 points a game on 39% shooting from the field will be missed.

Two quick things before I go: 1) Those crazy Taiwanese animators made a drugged out recreation of this story, and 2) why is James Harden getting a free pass here? I can't be the only one thinking he kinda deserved to get knocked upside the head for his super douchey hair style choice. We don't need any niggas in 2012 still walking around with mohawk. I say good job, Metta.