May 01, 2012

Chief Keef - I Don't Like (Remix) (feat. Pusha T, Kanye West, Big Sean, & Jadakiss)

For some odd reason Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music crew (plus Jadakiss) have decided to jump on shitty new rapper Chief Keef's shitty song I Don't Like. I can't lie, I really don't like that with all the good young artists out there, Kanye picked this scrub to help out, but let's go ahead and this remix a go.

Yep, just as shitty as the original. Maybe 10% better, but still pretty trash. This nigga Chief Keef makes 2 Chainz sound like Biggie lyrically, he's that bad. I don't give a shit if he's only 16, dude is GARBAGE. Real nigga shit, is he any better than Lil B? Seriously, go listen to that nigga's verse again (if your ears can bare) and tell me he's that much better than Lil B. I'm so disappointed in Kanye. Helping out wack ass rappers, that's that shit I don't like.

Speaking of shit I don't like, did you hear the original producer, Young Chop, is pissed at Kanye because he remixed this struggle music? Go ahead and take a listen to what this extra moist ass fool had to say.

Sigh. Where do I even begin?

First off, how are you gonna sue someone for remixing your track for free? I hope he doesn't think garbage ass Chief Keef actually paid for this feature. (Then again, judging by the stupidity of the nigga I heard on the audio above, it's a possibility.) I'm sure Keef has made a few coins since this doo doo ass record popped up, but not enough to afford a verse from Kanye. Regardless, what is he gonna sue Kanye for? Enhancing his profile? Extending his 15 minutes of fame? Really, what? Besides, I seriously doubt it's against the law to remix a track this nigga probably made on Fruity Loops with a Lex Luger drum kit.

Second, did this idiot really just say Kanye better call his phone before he snaps? Nigga, who are you, and what exactly is you "snapping" gonna do? I'd like to know what Young Chop "snapping" entails, what is he gonna do, go hunt down Kanye and beat him up? He can't do shit but sue Kanye and eventually get his case thrown out, so yeah, snap away pal.

Lastly, why is the FUCK is the dude mad at Kanye, when essentially all he did was do he and Chief Keef a favor? The record was doing okay, but it's not like it was a huge smash hit. If anything, it was dying down and Keef was on a steady path to YC-dome until Kanye idiotically decided to breathe life into it with this remix. And this is how you re-pay him? You don't ride the wave, you go on Twitter and some little radio show and diss him? ONE OF THE BIGGEST RAPPERS IN THE WORLD JUST TWEAKED AND RAPPED OVER YOUR BEAT AND YOU'RE BITCHING ABOUT IT, PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THIS MAKES ANY FUCKING SENSE?!?!

People always wonder why some artists don't go back to where they're from and help others out once they blow up, but ungrateful ass bitch niggas like Young Chop are exactly why they don't. I swear niggas are just getting dumber and fucking dumber, and that's that shit I don't like. Sad.