May 21, 2012

Stan Van Gundy & Otis Smith Get Fired By Magic

"Fuck y'all niggas! Peace!"

Well, I see why they would fire Otis Smith, he's been mostly terrible, but I just don't get the dismissal of Stan Van. I mean, yeah, if they wanted to keep Dwight, they probably had to get rid of Stan, but does this really mean he's any more inclined to stay? Remember when the Cavs fired Mike Brown the summer of The Decision? That sure as hell didn't stop LeBron from bolting Cleveland, and I don't think it will stop Dwight from being a pain until he's finally shipped off.

Oh well, Stan will definitely land on his feet, so don't expect him to be out of work for much longer than he wants to.

Hey, maybe the Magic can try to bring Billy Donovan to town again?