May 24, 2012

NBA Announces All-Defensive Teams

Here's the NBA All-Defensive First Team: LeBron James (24 first place votes), Serge Ibaka (20), Dwight Howard (16), Chris Paul (13), and Tony Allen (13). Second Team: Kevin Garnett (8), Luol Deng (6), Tyson Chandler (13), Rajon Rondo (9), and Kobe Bryant (7).

Now you may be thinking, "How does Defensive Player of the Year, Tyson Chandler not make the First Team?" That's a fair question, but the answer is that coaches vote on the All-NBA teams, while media members vote for the individual awards (MVP, DPoY, etc.). I guess the coaches just didn't fear Chandler defensively as much as they feared Dwight Howard.

Honestly, I have no problem with this because I don't think Chandler should've won Defensive Player of the Year in the first place. Since when did being the best defensive player on a shitty defensive team make you the league's best? Chandler winning the award was actually a mini travesty, if you ask me. Serge Ibaka lead the league in blocks by over a block and a half per game! On the other hand, Chandler (89) only had 4 more total blocks than Greg Stiemsma (85)! Greg Stiemsma! Stiemsma only played in 55 games and started just 3. Again, he only had 4 less blocks than Chandler on the season.

Of course blocks aren't the only thing that matters, but I'm just saying, Tyson Chandler wasn't the best player in the NBA this season, in my opinion.

(Side note: Who in the hell gave Carlos Boozer a vote for the All-Defensive team? That coach should have his vote taken away.)