May 16, 2012

Nicki Minaj - Right By My Side (feat. Chris Brown) Video

A few thoughts about this video:

1) Has anyone checked on Drake yet? He got snubbed for his kiss at the end of the Moment 4 Life video, only for Nicki to go on and kiss Nas at the end of this video? You know he's somewhere crying his little light skin heart out.

2) Awesome career move by Nas. I don't know when the new album is dropping, but he name will definitely be buzzing because dumb niggas will think (and say) this video means he and Nicki are dating now. Hopefully he can capitalize off of it.

3) What if Nas really is fucking Nicki Minaj? That would be an even better career move than being in this video, and it's definitely a 1,000 times better than when he hooked up with that cunt Kelis.

4) Why was Chris Brown here? I know he was on the hook, but was his presence really needed? It was just weird for the most part.

5) Chris Brown's is no longer blonde. I don't pay much attention to Chris Brown, so I could be late, but yeah, his hair is black again. I see he went with a little 1999 Puff Daddy too. I see you Chris!

6) This slow motion shot at 1:22 is my favorite part of the video. Word!

Okay, that is all.