October 28, 2012

NFL Winners & Losers: Week 8

Last week the Dallas Cowboys won, I won both of my fantasy games by at least 39 points, in one of those match-ups I won by more points (57) than my opponent score (56), and I went 11-2 on my NFL picks. I've peaked in the 2012 season, so it's all downhill from here.

1) Falcons (6-0) @ Eagles (3-3)
Andy Reid is 13-0 in games after the bye, but this will be the first time he and the Eagles have faced an undefeated team. Also, how many of those 13 games came against teams who were also coming off a bye? I'm guessing not many, if any. Besides, wouldn't it make sense for Andy Reid to finally lose one of these games in the season he gets fired after (or during)? Falcons winners, Eagles losers.

2) Giants (5-2) @ Cowboys (3-3)
Much like in Week 1, I have dueling stats for this divisional match-up. The Giants are 3-0 in the Cowboys' new billion dollar stadium and the Cowboys have never loss 4 straight home games to the Giants. Which one will win out? I don't know, but I'm leaning towards New York continuing its undefeated record in Cowboys Stadium for another year because something always seems to go wrong for the Dallas in these games (in 2009 Tony Romo threw for 127 yards, the least amount of yards he's ever thrown for in a full game in his career, and 3 interceptions, including one that miraculously bounced off Jason Witten's shoe and right into the hands of the defender; in 2010 Romo broke his collarbone in the first half and the Jon Kitna lead offense gave back the 13 point lead almost immediately; in 2011 the Cowboys somehow gave up a 12 point lead with 5:41 left to play, then after Romo led the team into field goal range for a chance to tie it, Tom Coughlin called a timeout on a Dan Bailey 47-yard make, and the 2nd attempt was blocked). Giants winners, Cowboys losers.

3) Redskins (3-4) @ Steelers (3-3)
I could definitely see this game going either way, but in the end, I like Washington's defense to let down again and ruin another fabulous performance by Robert Griffin III.

...Wait, I just saw the uniforms the Steelers will be wearing this week. I'm out on them now.Redskins winners, Steelers losers.

4) Saints (2-4) @ Broncos (3-3)
Is it just me or have the Broncos played in every nationally televised game this season? This feels like at least the 5th time I've mentioned Peyton Manning playing at night as a reason for me picking Denver. Is it because they made the schedule when Tim Tebow was the projected starter or is this all Manning? Inquiring minds want to know (but are too lazy to do 37 seconds worth of Googling to find out). Broncos winners, Saints losers.

5) 49ers (5-2) @ Cardinals (4-3)
Remember when the Cardinals were 4-0? Bad times. 49ers winners, Cardinals losers.

6) Dolphins (3-3) @ Jets (3-4)
On the podcast I said I was taking Miami, but after remembering what happened to the last rookie QB that visited the Jets of New York, I'm changing my pick. Jets winners, Dolphins losers.

7) Patriots (4-3) @ Rams (3-4)
Whatever homefield advantage the Rams had is out the window as this is the NFL's random and unnecessary annual London game. There's a chance Danny Amendola could play, but I still like the Patriots to go over to jolly ol' England and lay down some American wood. Patriots winners, Rams losers.

8) Seahawks (4-3) @ Lions (2-4)
I know Detroit looked terrible Monday night in Chicago, but I like them a lot in this game because Seattle is a different team on the road. Seattle is 1-3 on the road this year with their only win coming against the 1-5 Carolina Panthers. Also, I think the Lions will be pumped to be playing at home after starting the season by playing 4 of its 6 games on the road. Lions winners, Seahawks losers.

9) Panthers (1-5) @ Bears (5-1)
The Bears will win this game easily, but can we take out a moment to acknowledge Brandon Marshall dropping biblical science on First Take the other day? Move over Tim Tebow, there's a new worshiper in town and he goes by the name of Biblical Brandon Marshall! I'm all in on Biblical Brandon Marshall and I can't wait to see more of him. Will he be guest preaching at any churches before the game this Sunday? How about after? If anybody knows, pass that information along to me. Bears winners, Panthers losers.

10) Buccaneers (2-4) @ Vikings (5-2)
What has happened to Christian Ponder, wasn't he just good like 2 weeks ago? Now he's playing awfully and the Vikings have loss 2 of their last 3 games. I guess you can't blame it all on his, but I am doing so anyway because I'm bitter about starting the week off 0-1. Vikings winners, Buccaneers losers.

11) Colts (3-3) @ Titans (3-4)
Looks like Zombie Chris Johnson has risen from the grave just in time for Halloween. Awesome! I like ZCJ2K to keep things rolling against a Colts defense that made Shonn Greene look like Emmitt Smith the last time they were on the road. Titans winners, Colts losers.

12) Chargers (3-3) @ Browns (1-6)
The Browns could totally win this game, I'm not crazy, right? If Trent Richardson was healthy, I'd take the upset... but he's not. Chargers winners, Browns losers.

13) Jaguars (1-5) @ Packers (4-3)
I'll put it like this: Jacksonville couldn't beat Green Bay with Blaine Gabbert and Maurice Jones-Drew. Packers winners, Jaguars losers.

14) Raiders (2-4) @ Chiefs (1-5)
Want to know how bad the Raiders suck? They barely beat the Jaguars at home without MJD and Gabbert. Then again, last time they were on the road, they nearly beat the Falcons. I'm so confused. Chiefs winners, Raiders losers.

This Week: 9-5 (.643)
Last Week: 11-2 (.846)
Season: 71-47 (.602)*

*Due to the Inaccurate Reception, these win/lose totals are fucked for the season.