October 04, 2012

OhGinelle - Fiyah Video

Oh, Ginelle, let us stop beating around the bush and acting like this song wasn't written specifically for me (So what if the lyrics are written from a girl's point of view, all true narcissists know the only part of a song that truly matters is the part that possibly mentions them). We can pretend like you were in this video wandering around Fort Lauderdale looking for your concert, but we all know you were looking for me so you could hand deliver my new theme music. It was a kind gesture indeed, so I guess what I'm trying to say is, thank you.

(Side note: Seriously, why wasn't I in this video? I could've been Looking Down At My Cell Phone While Walking Guy. I could've been Holding My Lady's Hand While Hoping She Doesn't Leave Me Because I Have No Transportation Guy. Hell, I even could've been Hand You Your Keytar Right Before You Hit The Stage Guy, and that guy didn't even exist in the video.

I don't know, I'm just so disappointed by the lack of me in the video for what is clearly my theme song. And to think, I was just getting over not being cast as Horny Dude With Cell Phone At Pump #1 Guy in the Tight Up Skirt video.)