December 13, 2012

Dez Bryant Postpones Surgery, Will Try To Play

As most of you know, Dez Bryant is dealing with a fractured left index finger and was given the option of having surgery or try to play through it with long term implications lingering. Today, Dez has decided to forgo surgery and attempt to play this Sunday against the Steelers.

Now while I applaud his heart and willingness to try and help his team, I think this is an absolutely awful idea. I'm a Cowboys, but even I can admit we aren't going anywhere this year, so why risk doing long term damage to your hand in more-than-likely meaningless season? Plus, how effective can he even be playing while wearing a splint to protect his broken finger? Will he even be 70% of his normal self? Hell, even if he is 70% of his normal self, I rather just play Kevin Olgetree or Dwayne Harris because at least they're healthy.

Yes, I would love to have him on the field Sunday, but the risk is too high and I say we shut him down immediately.