June 25, 2010

Help Fiyah Become The 1st MTV TJ!

Nominate @FiyahMuZik!
Here's the deal, you know what a MTV VJ (video jockey) is, right?? Well now MTV is looking for their first ever TJ (Twitter jockey)! The winner will get to move to New York and a one year opportunity to work for MTV!

They are looking for 20 contestants to compete in an online Twitter competition (or "competwition" if you will) in July. MTV has already picked 18, and they're living it up to you to decide who will fill the last 2 slots! We need to make sure one of those slots is for me!

Here's all you have to do: go to www.zync.mtv.com, follow the instructions, and nominate @FiyahMuZik when prompted. It's THAT simple!

Now I'm just finding out about this competition last night, so we only have until Sunday the 27th to get me in. That's not a problem though, I know we can do it. If we can get over a million video views on YouTube, we can get me an chance to work for MTV!

Look, I've never asked y'all for anything in the 3 long years I've been doing FiyahMuZik.com, but if you guys can help me out here it'd be HUGE for me. Plus, if I got the gig, I could quit my current job that takes up so much of my time and go back to posting daily! Wouldn't that be awesome?? Hell yeah it would!

Nominate @FiyahMuZik!!!!