June 17, 2010

This Week In Flops 6/15/10

Thank Drake Later
A bunch of albums dropped this week (including ones by Nappy Roots, Pastor Troy, and Case), but only one truly matters on this day, Drake's debut Thank Me Later. This album is clearly LONG overdue, so no need to discuss that. Instead I'm just going to be happy a day that I was starting to think may never come finally has.

Lets talk buzz. As long as Cash Money dropped the album at some point within 2 years of his initial hotness (around Spring '09), there was still gonna be interest in the album, so I'd say his buzz is pretty decent right now, though he has cooled off a bit. Not much, just a little bit. I certainly thought Over and Find Your Love would have found even more radio and mainstream success at this point, but then again, when the artist is hot, it doesn't really matter what his/her singles are doing (See Susan Boyle).

Now, I've already made the declaration that Drake will NOT sell a million first week, and he won't, but I do have him cracking 500,000. I guessing somewhere in between 490-525k.