June 30, 2010

Lil Twist & His Aunt Make Kat Stacks Apologize

I'm not gonna lie, I do kinda, sorta starting to feel sorry for Kat Stacks. I know, I know, just hear me out.

Okay, do I think she deserves all these bad things that are happening to her?? Yes, 100%, she brought ALL of this on herself. But look at her face, she just looks so gotdamn pathetic, almost as if she doesn't know why this is happening to her. How could you not feel sorry for her (unless you were one of the rappers she tried to put on blast)?? It almost felt like they were harassing a mentally challenged kid...wait a minute, maybe they were??

If for one second you think this chick is in her right mind, you're about half as crazy as she is. Now I'm no doctor, but I'm almost positive she suffers from some sort of mental disorder...and no I'm NOT joking. Doesn't she live here in Florida?? Somebody in her family should have her Baker Acted. I bet if they did they'd find something wrong with her.

Where is her family anyway, don't they see her life spiraling out of control?? I know she's grown, but if Cougar Stacks can scream on Chopper, then she can do something about her daughter. Or better yet, done something about her before she turned into the cumdumpster she is today.

How about this, we find ol' Cougar Stacks and send her ass to jail?? Parents need to be held more responsible for the seeds they create and unleash on society. Kat Stacks didn't just turn into what she is today overnight, this has been brewing for years, and her mom never did anything about it. Now she's our problem. Bullshit! Go arrest Cougar, and Baker Act Kat. Done and done, problem solved.

So in closing, I don't feel sorry for Kat Stacks in the sense that she is getting what she's been asking for, but rather in the sense that she's most likely not working with a full deck and was allowed to be unleashed on us all.