March 06, 2012

Colts To Release Peyton Manning

If though this news was inevitable, it was still shocking to see on's homepage, and is even more shocking to write. It will be sad to not see Peyton under center in Indianapolis blue and white, but this is for the best. The Colts get to pick Andrew Luck, move on, and not have to pay Peyton a shitload of money to possibly play, and Peyton gets a fresh start with a team that actually wants him. Spinal fusion or not, this nigga won't be out of work long.

So who will it be? The Redskins? (They've been known to pay big money for possibly washed up superstars.) The Dolphins? (They're still looking for a replacement for Dan Marino.) The Cardinals? (You know they'd cut Kevin Kolb in a second to possibly re-live the Kurt Warner era.) The Titans? (He did go to college in Tennessee.) The Jets? (Talk about taking the rivalry with the Pats to the next level!)

Well, whichever team he chooses, I just hope he will not only be able to come back and  play, but be effective as well.