March 19, 2012

Peyton Picks Broncos + Top 5 Reasons It Won't Work

"I bet Jesus didn't tell you I was coming to take your job in a couple years." --Peyton Manning

I can't believe it, Peyton Manning has willingly decided to be a Denver Bronco! Sure, they have some pieces, but is this a better situation than he's shunning in San Francisco, Tennessee, or Arizona? I guess we'll have to wait and see, but without further ado, the top 5 reason Peyton Manning won't work in Denver:

5. No dome
From the beginning, I thought Peyton Manning would choose to play for the Arizona Cardinals for one reason and one reason only: They play in a dome. Not to take away from the greatness of Peyton, but for 8 games a year, every year he played in a dome, and obviously Mile High is dome-less.

(Note: The only time Peyton has ever loss in Denver was in 2005 in the last game of the season when he only threw 2 passes and sat out the rest of the game.)

4. Cold weather city
Not only do the Broncos not play indoors, but it gets old as balls in Denver. Will Peyton's fused neck hold up under those weather conditions? And that's not to mention that he has been known to struggle (for Peyton Manning standards at least) playing outdoors in the cold.

3. They play the Chargers twice a year
Yes, the Broncos are most likely going to win the terrible, terrible AFC West every year Peyton is under center, but don't forget that the only team that has owned him more than the Patriots is the Chargers, and now he has to face them twice a year.

2. Too much bad karma
I'm sure most Denver fans will welcome Manning with open arms, but why would the good Lord allow them to win a Super Bowl when they've treated Tim Tebow the way they have? It's no military secret that John Elway and John Fox never wanted Tebow, and now they finally have an excuse to run him out of town. That alone is enough to saddle you with more bad karma than an organization needs.

(Side note: ESPN is talking a lot about no teams potentially being interested in Tebow besides the Jaguars, but I could think of a few that could use his services, starting with the Miami Dolphins. Yes, there organization stinks, which is likely why no one wants to sign there, but they don't really have a QB and they've been a run first team for awhile now (even though Tony Sparano and his wildcat offense is gone). The Jets could possibly have some interest because their QB sucks, they're a run first team, and Tony Sparano is the offensive coordinator. Lastly, I think the Patriots would be interested in Tebow. Of course he wouldn't start, but Josh McDaniels (the guy who drafted Tebow) is the offensive coordinator there, so you can't rule it out.)

1. The Denver Broncos suck!
I guess Peyton didn't factor in the fact that the Broncos have an average roster at best. Tebow detractors like to point the defense as the reason Denver won all those games last year and made it to the playoffs, but wasn't that the same defense that was on the field when they started the season 1-4 Pre-Tebow? Wasn't that the same defense that Tom Brady threw 5 touchdowns on in the first half in the playoffs?

And don't even get me started on their offense. They have a couple nice young receivers in Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, but what else? Are they gonna rush 30 year-old Willis McGahee into the ground again? Can they rely on Knowshon Moreno to not get hurt for once? Who's the tight end? The offensive line couldn't even keep Tim Tebow upright against New England's garbage ass defense, now they're going to keep Peyton Manning from taking a career-ending hit? Good luck with that.