March 15, 2012

Random News Shit: NFL Free Agency Edition Pt. 2

1) Calvin Johnson Signs Richest WR Contract Ever
Doesn't it seem like the biggest WR contract ever is signed every year?? Regardless, Megatron's deal is $132 million for 8 years with $60 million guaranteed. We better never hear stories about him being broke when he stops playing.

2) The Eagles Finally Pay DeSean Jackson
I don't really like DeSean Jackson (mainly because I'm a Cowboys fan), but it's about damn time they paid the man. His deal is 5 years for $51 million

3) Peyton Hillis Signs With The... Chiefs?!
One year for $3 million for Peyton Hillis? What the fuck is going on?? Shit, I thought the Madden curse on lasted one season. Bad times in the Hillis family.

4) Cowboys Sign Brandon Carr, Kyle Orton, Brodney Pool & Lawrence Vickers
I like, I like, I like, I like!

Brandon Carr (5 years, $50.1 million) and Brodney Pool should help out our secondary right away. We still need to grab a couple cornerbacks in the draft, but this is a nice start for our bleeding secondary.

I loved Tony Fiammetta, but I'm more than open to having Lawrence Vickers on the roster, I mean, he did lead block for Arian Foster last season.

And of course Kyle Orton is more than welcomed in Dallas to back up Tony Romo (though I'm sure outsiders will start the "should Orton be the starter?" at some back next season).

The deal is 5 years for $32.5 million with $14 million guaranteed. Not bad for a guy on the street at the beginning of last season.

As a Cowboys fan, I'm sad to see Laurent go, but I'm not mad at him one bit. In the NFL, if you have a chance to cash in, your ass better cash in (look at the deal Peyton Hillis just got). Besides, what does this really mean, we have to pass the ball to Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten more? That's a bad thing? We'll be fine.

Speaking of former Cowboys...

Good! I couldn't be more happy about finally getting this clown off our roster and onto the Giants'. Now when he's wide open and drops a pass that hits both of his hands, I can laugh and cheer.

Every damn year we heard about how impressive he was in training camp, then the season started and he never did shit. Good riddance.