March 18, 2012

Ugandan Prime Minister Responds To KONY 2012

Sad to say it, but it looks like the most viral video of all-time, KONY 2012, was just a money grab and an overall big ol' sham. Good thing majority of Americans (including myself) didn't actually give a shit outside of bombarding a few YouTube videos with "KONY 2012" comments.

Looks like the face of the Invisible Children organization Jason Russell will be running naked again, but this time it won't be because he's high on acid! Nope, this time we'll be chasing him down the street with pitchforks and torches!

...Who am I kidding? We don't a shit and this will all be a distant memory after a couple more weeks pass. Poor Gavin.

(Side note: Dear Uganda, a 240p video isn't exactly the best visual to send out to the world if you really want people to visit your country. I mean, even Haiti stepped it up to 1080p. Just trying to help.)