March 11, 2012

J.R. Smith Fined $25,000 For Tweeting Tahiry's Ass

I guess I should've saw this fine coming when this story blew up on the net Friday. Whatever, I have a few questions about this whole mess.

Question #1: What is it about Joe Budden that makes his hoes go fuck ball players?

Question #2: Is Tahiry really gonna act like she didn't fuck J.R. Smith while laying in her draws in his hotel room bed?

Question #3: Word?

Question #4: Can J.R. Smith afford to pay this fine if he can't afford a hotel room with a bigger TV?

Question #5: What ever happened to that gross looking super tatted ho J.R. Smith used to be with? (It seems like just yesterday she and J.R.'s sister were brawling in the stands in China.)

Question #6: Does Tahiry have a mullet?

Question #7: If so, why?

Question #8: I know Joe is a lifelong Knicks fan, but how could he root for them (mainly J.R.) without feeling some kind of way? (Don't look for too many more tweets like this in the near future.)