March 21, 2012

Random News Shit: NFL Free Agency Edition Pt. 3

I don't know, man, this picture just looks all wrong. Couple that with everyone in the Broncos' locker room now shitting on Tim Tebow and I'm ready to move "bad karma" up to the #1 reason this won't work out. I should trademark the phrase "The Curse Of Tebow" now.

Anyway, Peyton's deal is for 5 years and worth $96 million. Does anyone actually think Peyton has 5 years left in the NFL?

What?! I totally can't believe there's a market for a quarterback who took a 1-4 team to the playoffs and won a playoff game.

The more I hear everyone say the Jaguars should get Tim Tebow, the more I'm positive there's no way the Jags will get Tim Tebow. If the Broncos are interested in trying to reverse some of the bad karma they've gained, asking Tebow where he'd like to go would probably help.

3) Hines Ward Retires
Damn, I guess he really was serious about not wanting to play for anybody but the Steelers.

The Steelers might be in for a little bad karma themselves because they definitely did Hines dirty. There's no loyalty in this sports shit, which is why I say go get the money if you have the opportunity and fuck everybody who talks about players should want to win championships blah, blah, blah.

Alex knows damn well his ass wasn't going anywhere. Try to put together back-to-back competent seasons before you try your luck in the free agent market.

5) Eagles Land DeMeco Ryans From Texans For 4th Round Pick

What do you do when you get shunned by a legendary old QB who missed the 2011 season due to injury? Well if you're the Dolphins, you sign an average old QB who missed the 2011 season due to injury...and the fact nobody wanted him. Awesome.

You mean to tell me fans weren't excited about getting rejected by everyone from Peyton Manning to Matt Flynn and the eventual David Garrard signing?? That I just can't believe.

8) Jaguars Sign Aaron Ross
He's never really done much damage to the Cowboys, but I guess this is a positive move for my Boys.