March 20, 2012

This Week In Flops 3/20/12

I pretty much took an entire year off from doing This Week In Flops, but it's time to bring back one of this site's originals. Let's guess some numbers!

Sometimes buzz comes and goes for artists, but in the case of Odd Future, it only seems to grow. If they can set up a pop-up-shop and get long lines like this of kids just wanting to buy their merchandise, I don't see why they can't move over 100,000 units first week. My prediction: 110-150k.

By the time Diggy was ready to release his album, he was suppose to be on top of the world with a massive hit. That didn't exactly happen, but I still think he'll do well off teenage girls alone. I think Run's talented son will fall somewhere in the 50-80k range.

I'm not gonna lie, I don't know shit about this project really, but Melanie has a nice little following, so I'm with 25-65k.