March 11, 2012

Random News Shit: NFL Offseason Headlines Edition

I can't decide if this is a good or bad thing. On one hand the Redskins are about to bring another super athletic quarterback to the NFC East for my Cowboys to contend with (we've yet to have much success versus Mike Vick), but on the other hand they're about to lose 3 first-round picks and 1 second-rounder. This could go either way, but fuck Peyton Manning for shunning the Redskins into this trade and fuck the Rams for going through with it.

Where is David Stern to veto a trade when you need him?

2) Jets Extend Mark Sanchez's Contract
Welp, so much for a battle for New York between the Manning because the Jets are staying put with the Sanchize. The extension is for 3 years, but if the Jets miss the playoffs again, I'm sure this contract will be torn up and Mark will be somebody's back up in the 2013 season.

3) Randy Moss To Work Out For Niners
Damn, Randy already has a 2nd workout. I guess he won't be teaming up with T.O. in the IFL after all.
The Giants just became a little less hateable, but I'm glad to see this doucher out of work.