March 16, 2012

Random News Shit: NBA Trade Deadline Edition

1) Wizards Land Nene
Damn, bad times for Nene, he re-signs with the Nuggets at the start of the season and they ship him off to the 3rd worse team in the league. That's fucked up.

The actual trade was a three-team that sent Nene, Brian Cook and a 2015 2nd round pick to the Wiz, JaVale McGee and Ronny Turiaf to the Nuggets, and Nick Young to the Clippers. This trade really makes no sense to me for any team but the Clippers. They get a nice young scorer in Nick Young and all they had to give up was Brian Cook and a 2nd-round pick IN 2015! Meanwhile, the Nuggets get the dumbest player in the league in JaVale McGee just 3 days after this hit the net (even though the person who made the video seems to be just as unsmart as JaVale) and Ronny Turiaf, and the Wiz got Nene (who's always hurt), Brian Cook, and a 2nd-round pick IN 2015!!!

2) Lakers Trade Derek Fisher, Trade For Lil Duval Ramon Sessions
First the Lakers acquire Lil Duval Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga for Jason Kapono, Luke Walton and their 2012 1st-round pick, then they shipped Derek Fisher's corpse and the 1st-rounder they got from Dallas to Houston for Jordan Hill. I guess this makes the Lakers better, but nobody could ride the bench quite like Luke Walton. In fact, they should put his old jersey and a towel where he sits in memoriam.

3) Warriors Trade Stephen Jackson To Spurs For Richard Jefferson
Well damn, part 2 of the Stephen Jackson era with Golden State didn't last long at all.

4) Blazers Trade Gerald Wallace To Nets For Mehmet Okur & Shawne Williams
Mehmet Okur is still in the league? I'm dead serious, I thought he retired.

Anyway, good job by the Nets getting Gerald Wallace for scraps, but I doubt it will help them retain Deron Williams.

5) Blazers Trade Marcus Camby To Rockets For Hasheem Thabeet & Jonny Flynn
Speaking of players I didn't know were still in the league, the Blazers just traded for Hasheem Thabeet? They weren't disappointed enough in Greg Oden, they needed to bring in another failed big man? What the fuck?

But there Blazers weren't done there....

6) Blazers Fire Nate McMillan, Waive Greg Oden
Four moves by the Blazers and only cutting Greg Oden made any sense. Then again, tanking and bottoming out is really the only way to get better in the NBA, so maybe this is a great idea. Nah, whoever they draft will have a fucked up future like Sam Bowie and Greg Oden before him.