March 11, 2012

Should The Knicks Trade Carmelo Anthony?

Today the New York Knicks loss their 5th straight game, and fell to 18-23, so I ask: Should the Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony?

On the surface, I know that question seems a bit extreme, but look at it this way: including February 6th when Melo got hurt in the first quarter, the Knicks were 7-1 with Jeremy Lin starting and Melo out, since he's returned to the lineup, they're just 2-7 (which kind of answers the question of if they could play together).

Now, I'm not saying New York can't get it together at some point, but it seems clear that Melo and Lin may not be able to co-exist, and the trade deadline is approaching this Thursday. Should the Knicks at least consider taking a few calls for the guy who was supposed to bring a championship to New York?