March 13, 2012

Random News Shit: NFL Free Agency Edition

On some real shit, fuck the Dolphins! As if my Cowboys didn't have enough teams ahead of them in the NFC (Packers, Saints, Giants, etc.), they go and reunite Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler in Chicago. And do they gut the Bears in exchange for their top receiver? Nope, all they get back is 2 3rd-round picks. They traded 2 2nd-round picks to get him just 2 years ago!

But I guess that's all you can expect back in return for a 27 year-old WR coming off a Pro Bowl season of 81 catches for 1,214 yards while being thrown passes by Chad Henne and Matt Moore.

2) 49ers Sign Randy Moss
This obviously happened last night, but I forgot to talk about it.

Anyway, the deal is for 1 year and worth $2.5 million. In essence, this should make the 49ers better, but Randy Moss hasn't been Randy Moss for a couple years now.

(Side note: Am I the only one completely shocked no petty niggas have brought up how Moss and Peyton Manning are both 35 year-old NFL legends who missed the 2011 season but the white one is being courted by teams and will get paid huge money while the black one had to work out for teams and only got a 1-year deal?)

Bad news for Phail Rivers, his #1 WR just joined the Buccaneers for $55,555,555 (ocho cincos...get it?) over the next 5 years with $26 million guaranteed.

The deal is 5 years and worth $40 million with $19 million guaranteed. Good for the Saints.

The Redskins also signed Josh Morgan and are on the verge of signing Eddie Royal (still no word on why he'd leave a back-up role to assume a back-up role elsewhere). Good thing receiver was their only need. Oh wait...

Anyway, I used to like Garcon, but fuck him now, he's with the enemy.

Sad to see them go, but this was very necessary. Matter of fact, we need to get rid of all the cornerbacks on our roster not named Mike Jenkins or Orlando Sandrick. Then we need to sign a free agent or 2 and draft a couple of talented rookies (I definitely wouldn't mind hearing news that we traded up to get Morris Claiborne or Dre Kirkpatrick... but especially Morris Claiborne). That's how we'll fix the secondary.

And obviously getting rid of Buehler was a no-brainer.

7) Jason Campbell Signs With Bears
Smart move by Campbell, Chicago is as good a place as any to be the back-up QB.