July 24, 2009

The Game Interview With Buddah Brothers

Now Game had me at the beginning when he was talking about going at the best lyrically and shit, but when he started talking about Jay being in the decline and that Jay should've got a mohawk and use auto-tune he lost me. He sounds completely silly! Jay's whole career has been about setting trends NOT following them.

And how is Hov in decline, his last album was hotter than Game's. That's right, American Gangster was hotter than L.A.X. AND its not even close. American Gangster was near classic, L.A.X. was Game's worst album.

Then if you take it to sales, Game is the one truly in decline. The Documentary went double platinum, Doctor's Advocate when platinum, and L.A.X. went gold.

There's really no way Game can justify what he was saying. Its sad really. He's gonna have to come up with some better shit than this if he wants to stop looking like a damn fool.