July 26, 2009

T.O. Weighs In On Vick Suspension

Of course this will get blown out of proportions tomorrow on ESPN, but the man does have a point. Was Vick not suspended for the past 2 seasons already?? I remember Goodell suspending Vick before he even went to trail. I don't even think training camp had started when that happened and now he wants 4 more games?? The man's life has already been ruined, let him play!

Now, on the other end, even if Vick got with a team, what's the chance he'd actually see much, if any, playing time during the first 4 weeks?? Chances aren't much so the 4 game suspension will be irrelevant at the end of the day.

Hmm, I wonder if this will make the Bills think of maybe bringing in Vick to back up Trent Edwards??