July 30, 2009

Random News Shit: SportsCenter Edition

Manny and Papi
1) Manny & Big Papi Tested Positive For PEDs In 2003
Papi, Papi, Papi. When I was at work and saw this breaking news I was stunned! We knew Manny was juicing, but Papi was JUST saying how everybody should be tested and banned from the league if they test positive before the season. Shit is sad, but can we finally stop acting like everybody wasn't juicing in baseball??

And just in case you follow me on Twitter, yes, Bill Simmons is still on suicide watch lol. Can't wait for the next B.S. Report with JackO!

2) Lamar Odom To Stay With Lakers
Son of a bitch! Welp, looks like the Lakers remain in the driver seat in the league. Looks like he's got the 4 years he wanted BUT mostly likely its gonna be worth $33 million instead of the 3-year/$35 million they originally offered. Tough break nigga.

Anyway, Miami HAS to pull off that Boozer trade now for sure!