July 23, 2009

Stop It!: A Defense Of Lil Wayne Calling MJ A Fag

Here's one for all the people who think I hate Lil Wayne:

Everybody saying Lil Wayne called Michael Jackson a fag, STOP IT! He was NOT freestyling, he didn't write it, none of that. Its a one songs little kids make up (there's problem thousands out there) and it was like a play on the Pledge of Allegiance. I mean, I don't know where the hell y'all niggas grew up, but I remember that song going back as far as elementary school! I'm 24 now so its been out there for some time lol.

If you (for some reason) don't remember the song, it went a little something like this:

"Coca-cola went to town
Mr. Pibb shot him down
Dr. Pepper sewed him up
they all got drunk on 7-up.
I Pledge allegiance to the flag
Michael Jackson is a fag
Pepsi cola burned him up
now he's drinking 7-up
7-up has no caffeine
now he's dating Billy Jean
Billy Jean left him
So he got a mohawk trim"

There you have it. I know y'all think Lil Wayne is the greatest thing to ever touch the mic, but he didn't make up that rhyme (and in fact, there's probably some around my age pissed that Wayne is getting all the credit for his creation lol).

And sorry I had to ruin it for a lot of people who thought they were breaking some kind of news by saying Lil Wayne called MJ a fag (even though he clearly said "you ain't never heard that song?" Right afterwards as to say "Hey guys, I didn't make that up"). A huge "my bad" is owed to all you fake reporters.

Now, unfortunately for Lil Wayne, most people don't know about this info I've shared (especially those mid-30s and up who never heard the song, but mainly those who won't care to find out the truth
) so he'll just be getting lambasted by fans, media types, and people all the people who just don't like him for repeating some old ass song millions of kids across this nation have sang before him. Talk about taking one for the team lol.

And just in case you were wondering, yes this WILL stick with Lil Wayne from now on, no matter what. There will undoubtedly be people years from now who say Wayne called Mike a fag and go into tirades about Wayne himself being a fag for kissing Baby (which is indisputable) all because he repeated an old song from his childhood 2 months before Michael died that was "discovered" one after Michael died. Tough break nigga.

This is why I say rappers shouldn't use these new technologies because if you say the wrong shit, it doesn't go away. Ever!

Oh, and for the record, I am NOT condoning what Wayne said. All I'm doing is bringing some clarity to the situation because the VAST majority of people are treating this as if Wayne hit the studio and wrote a Michael Jackson diss record when he was just singing some dumb song on a video blog no one cared about.