July 01, 2010

Andre 3000 - All Together Now

3 Stacks
New Andre 3000, this has got to be hot, right?? Well...

What the hell is this shit?? This song sounds uncomprehendingly AWFUL! Come on 3 Stacks, you have nothing but free time on your hand these day, you could at least give us some shit worth listening to. Lord knows you've been working on this album long enough. Hopefully this is meant for some kinda kid show and not adult consumption because that would be one OutKast project I would not support.

Dre redeems himself after the jump though...

Ciara - Ride (Remix) (feat. Andre 3000 & Bei Maejor)

MUCH better. The song itself isn't all that, but 3000's verse was dope. More of this, less of that.