July 01, 2010

Young Jeezy - All White Everything/Lose My Mind (Remix

All White Everything
Here's the 2nd single off Thug Motivation 103, and the remix of the 1st single with Drake (as performed on the BET Awards this past Sunday).

Wow, this was not impressive at all. I didn't wanna say it, but this is some wack ass shit. It's super repetitive and has 0 replay value. It shouldn't make the album, let alone be it's 2nd single. Jay-Z, you've created a monster with this "all black everything" shit lol.

Now this on the other hand is hot. Unfortunately it's hot because it was already hot, and not because Drake made it any better. Do I like Drake's verse better than Plies?? Of course, so in that sense it's hotter, but it still could've been better. I fuck with it though.