September 30, 2009

Mavericks, Bobcats Get New Uniforms

These Mavs jerseys are essentially blue versions of their Diddy designed green alternatives. No big deal here.

Check out the Bobcats' new and improved uniforms after the jump.

Now these are new uniforms! I mean I didn't hate their old uniforms, but these are more professional looking. Maybe these guys are ready for a real playoff run since they're now a real team. Is Jordan still working in their front office?? Well if he is that's a strike against them, but then again, I know sell out ass Bob Johnson sold the team so maybe the 2 negatives will cancel each other out. (Its a good thing I'm black because that last sentence coming from a white writer would've been "racist" even though Jordan is disaster in NBA front offices and Johnson is, well,
a sell out lol).

Here goes some more info on pics of the 'Cats new unis.