September 30, 2009

Random News Shit: NBA Edition

KG Returns
1) Kevin Garnett Scrimmages, Ready For Training Camp
He's just playing 5-on-5's right now, but the way it was seeming last year I didn't know if he'd even be ready for the beginning of the season. Well not it looks like he is and now he's just trying to get his timing back. We'll see if that bad knee can hold up for 82 games. I have my doubts.

2) NBA Tells Teams League Will Use Replacement Refs
This is the big story nobody is really talking about. You thought the calls refereeing was bad before, well wait until we get a load of these replacement refs. Who knows though, maybe these guys are an improvement over the old refs. I doubt it though and I also don't see any way this goes good.

3) Delonte West Still A No Show For The Cavs
Okay, so he didn't show up for the first day yesterday, and Delonte continued that trend today. This guy is fuckin' crazy! They better put this nigga on suicide watch, we already know he deals with depression and now nobody has seen him as the season approaches. We'll see, but I wouldn't be surprised.

4) McGrady's Rehab Is Ahead Of Schedule
Not sure how much it matters at this point because the Rockets aren't going anywhere this year with Yao out. I feel bad for Tracy because he used to be that nigga, but now he's probably one more injury away from retirement.

5) Al Jefferson Shows Up To Camp 31 Pounds Lighter
He says he lost the weight on the Jared diet by eating only 2 foot long Subway subs a day. He better go pick up his check or call one of these ESPN shows so he can be on the Subway Fresh Take Hotline because he's giving them too much free promotion right now.