September 30, 2009

Mike Vick Signs Endorsement Deal With Nike

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Well that was quick. I think it was just yesterday when I was in the barbershop talking about how it will probably take Mike Vick a few years to get his endorsements back, if ever, and come to find out he signs with Nike the next day (Side note: when I was at the barbershop yesterday this dude said he'd take Vick over Tony Romo! I mean I support Vick as much as the next man, but seriously??).

Nike will probably get a little bad press for this, but who cares, they're Nike. There's not enough people who wear Nike who will actually care enough to boycott them for this move. Now if Vick signed with Whole Foods or something then I'd be worried lol.

I wonder what they're gonna do with him?? Maybe crank out some commercials?? They shouldn't even bother making a serious, Lance Armstrong type commercial, I think they should just go straight for the comedy. That way it'd be even funnier when PETA unsuccessfully tries to get it pulled lol. This should be good.