September 30, 2009

Random News Shit: Hip-Hop News Edition

1) DMX Set To Try MMA
Is there any clearer indicator that you blew all your money than getting in a ring to fight?? I feel bad for X because he was one of the biggest rappers of all-time and its not like he was out flossing and spending his dollars on material shit. Now, he wasn't exactly donating it to charity either, but I still feel bad for him. Plus, if he gets his ass whupped there's no coming back Hip-Hop. Oh well, its better than hearing he's fighting another charge so I'll take it lol.

2) T-Pain Apologizes To Jay-Z In New Song
I'm sure T-Pain is probably the furthest thing away from Jay-Z's mind at this point, but it never hurts to formally apologize.

Anyway, the track is called More Careful and its over Drake's Successful beat. If I feel like finding it you'll have it soon.

3) Jay-Z Endorsed Champagne Ranks #1 In The World
Be clear, this was a taste test, not a sales test, though I'm sure this Ace of Spades shit is kicking Cristal's ass in the sales department too. I don't drink so this really makes no difference to me, I just wanted to say that Jay stays winning!

4) Bump J Gets 10 Years For Bank Robbery
Well at least he recognize this rap shit wasn't getting him anywhere. Why couldn't this be Gucci Mane or Soulja Boy or someone like that though?? It seems unfair to us from that standpoint.