September 30, 2009

Random News Shit: NFL Edition

Felix giveth and Felix taketh
1) Felix Jones Out 1-2 Weeks With Knee Strain
This pisses me off because Felix is so fuckin' good, but he just can't seem to not be hurt. Last year it was a hamstring and that turned into a toe and that turned into injured reserve. Week 1 in Tampa he tweaked his quad and now his he strained a ligament in his knee. Its so frustrating! Felix giveth and then he taketh away. I hope MBIII will be good to go Sunday. I mean Tashard can definitely carry the load either way, but MB is a better blocker and short yardage back.

2) Quinn Benched For Anderson In Cleveland
It sure is a good thing Eric Mangini waited until Week 1 to name a starter. He sure did psych-out all his opponents so far this year. Great strategy by the artist formerly known as "Man-genius." Congrats to Derek Anderson, but the Browns are just freakin' bad. He and Quinn are really just in lose-lose situations regardless and they are gonna lose this Sunday when they face the Bengals.

3) Panthers Sticking With Delhomme As Starter
Two touchdown, 7 interceptions, 0 wins. That's the story for Jake Delhomme this year, but the Panthers of Carolina have decided to stick with him as their starter. Then again, what other choice do they really have?? Play A.J. Feely?? Yeah, that's not gonna cut it. Oh well, I don't relaly care what happens with him now, I just wanted him to still be around by the time the Cowboys played them and he was.

4) Dolphins Acquire Thigpen, Place Pennington On IR
I understand them adding another QB, but what in the hell did they draft Pat White for?? Either way, I honestly believe Chad Henne is gonna shock a few people and open a few eyes as the Dolphins starter. Only time will tell.

5) Jackonville Jaguars Would Consider Playing Home Games In Orlando
Now keep in mind, they only said they'd consider it if the NFL expanded to 17 or 18 games. I can't knock them those because you have to do what you have to do to get butts in the seats. The Jags can't afford to be a bad team because they don't have a loyal enough fanbase built up.

I think the end result is probably going to be the Jacksonville Jaguars becoming the Los Angeles Jaguars or the Orlando Jaguars in a few years.