October 12, 2009

250 Miles & Runnin'

Now do you see why I was so happy about Roy Williams not playing?? Miles Austin is just a better receiver and he proved it by going out and grabbing 10 passes from Tony Romo for a grand total of 250 yards and 2 touchdowns. That's right, in one game Miles was as productive as Roy has been in all 4 games he's played in this season (11 receptions, 214 yards, 1 touchdown). After our bye this Sunday, I better see Miles Austin's name in the starting line-up whether Roy Williams is playing or not.

On another note, I can't say I'm happy with this win. I mean, yes, a win is a win, but we needed one guy to get 250 yards to squeak out an 26-20 win in overtime against the Chiefs. The Chiefs! The reality is we're not playing smart football right now. Both of our turnovers were converted into points, we had 13 penalties for 90 yards, a missed field goal, and our defense caved late in the 4th for the 3rd time this season. Good teams don't do that.

So yes, a win is a win, but this win was as unimpressive as they come. The Chiefs! The fuckin' Chiefs!!!

Here's an interesting stat to close with: After Week 5, the 3 teams the Cowboys have beaten are a combined 1-13 (and that's only because the Panthers won today) while the 2 teams we've lost to are a combined 10-0.