October 29, 2009

Who's Taller??: Lil Duval Vs. Kevin Hart

These niggas are funny as hell! I love them both BUT I must say Lil Duval is slightly taller. Not enough to brag about though lol.

Question: How lame is that nigga with the camera?? Dude couldn't WAIT to pull out him phone and show somebody that lil raggedy ass video. Duval was right, that nigga probably been waiting to show that to someone since it happened 2 years ago lol. Straight sucka shit ol' Kardinal Offishall lookin' ass nigga lol.

Anyway, I'm pissed off today, wanna know why?? Because Kevin Hart is gonna be at FAU's comedy show tonight and I can't go see the shit! I'm fuckin' up because I didn't find out about the show until about a week and a half ago and the tickets were all sold out by then. They really shouldn't even need a ticket, I'm me around this bitch! lol.

Seriously though, I'm mad I'm gonna miss the show, but I'm glad I was able to be apart of a couple of the other classic comedy shows. I saw Katt Williams, Bruce Bruce, Darren Carter, and Coco Brown in 2005 and Lil Duval, Monique, and DeRay in 2006, both shows were incredible! Oh well, I guess I'll go pray Kev does all old jokes now. Peace!