October 14, 2009

Random News Shit

3 To 1
1) Britney Spears' 3 To 1
Get it, 3 to (2) 1?? Aw fuck it, you're no fun! lol.

Anyway, on tomorrow's Billboard Hot 100 Britney's new single 3 will open up at #1. Its the first song to debut at #1 since Taylor Hicks' "American Idol" victory song Do I Make You Proud (no word yet on why that was ever #1). Congrats to Britney, she's come a long way from 06-07 Britney.

2) Dow Reaches 10,000 For First Time In 2009
Just in case you were wondering, yes this is the most important story BUT I don't have a nice nifty picture for it like I did for the Britney story lol.

Anyway, its nice to see things coming back somewhat. Jobs are still way down, but nobody said this would all happen overnight. I hope it doesn't fall back under tomorrow.

3) Group Trying To Buy Rams Drop Rush Limbaugh
Well its about time. Why wouldn't they do this sooner?? This just goes to show racists are generally dumb people in more ways than one. Fuck Rush, fuck his bid, fuck this group, I hope they fail in buying the Rams anyway. Thank you.

In other racist asshole Rush Limbaugh news, he's gonna be judging the 2010 Miss America pageant so all states sending black representatives please save your airfare and stay home.

4) Before I Self Destruct Pushed Back Again

Fortunately it was only by a week this time so instead of dropping November 17th, it will drop November 23th (the Monday before Thanksgiving). Also dropping that day are allegedly new albums by Timbaland, Rihanna, Lady GaGa, and Birdman.

5) Miles Austin Wins NFC Offensive Player of the Week
Lets go ahead and add this to the list of things Roy Williams will never do (a couple things already on that list include replacing T.O.'s production and being good).

Anyway, you already know the stat line so no need to repeat it again (*cough* 10 catches, 250 yards, 2 touchdowns *cough*). All I know he this nigga better be in the starting line-up from now on whether Roy Williams is back or not.

6) NBA Fines Gilbert Areanas, Wizards 25K Each
And you wanna know why they fined him and his team?? Because he wouldn't speak to the media! How gay is that?? I mean seriously, what the fuck??? How do you get fined for NOT talking?? All the talking Gillie has done over these past few years (including writing a blog for NBA.com!) now makes him obligated to speak to the media?? Bullshit! Straight bullshit!

7) Man Who Stabbed Ex's Pet Fish Gets 2 Years Probation
What a dumb way to get probation. Idiot.

On another note, this guy didn't get any time for popping up at his ex's house, pushing her against the wall, grabbing her hair, and shoving her against the bathtub, but his assault of some fuckin' fish got him 2 years probation?? Umm, okay. Matter they hadn't heard, but ITS A FUCKIN' FISH!