October 16, 2009

Random New Shit


I like Shakira songs much better when they come along with a video, but this sounds pretty decent. Wayne was good, the beat was nice and radio friendly. Good enough.

Banger! I NEED the dirty version of this shit ASAP! I wonder if Sheek is working on a mixtape?? I definitely need some more new D-Block shit!

This shit is gritty and gutta and I fuck with it! He's not trying to do the punchline flow either so I'm definitely loving this track.

This sounded good for awhile but that "pushin dope" sample got annoying after about a minute.

This is NOT gonna be on Lasers and for that we thank you Lupe. This loud ass shit is actually gonna be on the Twilight soundtrack or some shit like that. The song isn't good enough for me to care to get the facts right lol.

This is some pretty fly shit, I fucks with it. I just hope he isn't gonna go with that Mr. Spacely nickname lol.