October 09, 2009

The Best of the Forgotten MuZik Pt. 1

I obviously haven't post much music lately BUT that's all gonna change right about.... NOW!

Haven't heard this type of track from Busta in a loooong time. I mean, if J. Holiday wasn't on it, you couldn't tell me this wasn't an unreleased track from some time between 1996-2003. Very old Busta. Not that there's anything wrong with the new Busta, but this is some shit I would've expected to hear on E.L.E. Either way, I fucks with this track.

Strong ass joint from David Banner! He turned into the Hulk for this shit. Something is wrong and the fact that no radio station would dare pick this up plays a part in the overall picture. Program directors would say its because of the somewhat anti-gay speech in the last verse, but they really wouldn't play it because they're too busy playing Soulja Boy and Stanky Legs.

Bully - Who The Fuck Is This? (feat. Sheek Louch)

Bully fits right in in D-Block like he was there the whole time. I don't know if he came up studying them or what, but he's spits their style perfectly. I fucks with Bully.

Cory Gunz is still super nice as you can hear. Not sure what this is/was on though because it wasn't on that Heir To The Throne mixtape with DJ Drama.

I'm not gonna front, I don't hate this song. Plus, its true because one disagreement with Chris Brown can transform any young lady from a bad bitch into a bloody, bruised mess (Shout out to Rihanna). Hey, fuck y'all, I ain't beat the girl up, he did lol.

I wonder if Jacki-O realized how much she sounded like a mixture between Foxy Brown and Lil Kim?? I don't mind it, but her and Fox obviously don't get along.

Anyway, I'm glad to see Jacki and Brisco have made up since that ugly wad of slap situation back in 2008. This track is really hot and we need more of this and less of that. Shouts to Mowet too, that dude has talent. Trust.

Jadakiss definitely won this match-up of NY lyricists. Good to see Rakim working though.

Damn I wish I could find this track without all those annoying tags! This track is fiyah! The beat is straight stupid and Maino and banks handle it properly. Definitely gets my co-sign and stamp of approval.