October 18, 2009

No Blackout In Cincy Courtesy Of Ocho

Estaban Gives
With today's Bengals/Texans game facing a local blackout, Chad Ocho Cinco teamed with team sponsor Motorola and bought up the rest of the tickets and gave them away to fans yesterday. And guess who broke the news?? That's right, Estaban himself via Twitter! People can say whatever they want to about this guy, but he gives back and nobody can take that away from him.

Anyway, this situation should be a indicator to the NFL that they need to lift this stupid blackout rule. I know we're making strides now, but we are still in a recession and people just can't afford to pay for tickets, pay for parking, and the expensive ass food these places offer. I could see if this was a big market team and everybody was prospering around them, or if this was a losing team and people just didn't wanna pay to see their team get killed, but you think the people of Cincinnati don't want to see their 4-1 Bengals right now?? Come on, that's unrealistic! The NFL needs to stop being assholes and support the people who made it what it is and lift all blackouts in 2009!