October 09, 2009

Random New Shit


Favorite line: "New Ferrari without ceilin'. Ya spouse willin', my dick in her mouth chillin'." That shit is too funny to me lol.

Damn that nigga that rapped first was terrible. It was kinda sad actually. Thank goodness Bun came on and saved the song, but it was still pretty bad because the beat wasn't hot and the hook was trash. Ross still throwing jabs at 50 I see, I guess he still hasn't realized he lost that one.

Curren$y's flow is so lazy and boring, but this track ain't half bad. I like the beat and he was spittin' so it was all good.

Pretty good, I got no complaints. Sounds like Rakim kept one of those Dre beats from his stint on Aftermath though.

I wasn't paying enough attention to know what the hell "5" really is, but this seemed like a pretty decent track. I know I definitely fuck with this beat if nothing else.

What they know about that Lenny Kravitz?? Pretty aight use of the sample, but Wale is just okay to me.

Anyway, Wale's album is still due November 10th as of right now.

Better than some of the other stuff Pap has put out lately, but still not on the level of the shit he was dropping before the Jive deal. Still no Nacirema Dream in sight.

Not sure what this is off of, but I like it. I recently found a bunch of Ransom shit so maybe I'll post it one of these days lol.

I need to get this without the tags! Jimmy does his thing on this shit.

This and that Cam track above are both on DJ Kay Slay's Blockstars mixtape.